Similarities And Differences Between Good Enough And The Quinceanera Text

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The two stories, “Good Enough” and “The Quinceanera Text” are very interesting passage with deep thought written into them. “Good Enough” is about Dori who wants a very expensive shirt but her family is very poor. The shirt that is received is a fake but Dori comes to realize that Ana does not care what people think and comes to love the shirt. “The Quinceanera Text” is about fifteen year old Ana wanting a phone. Many other presents are received but Ana’s parents cannot afford a phone. Something is passed down from Ana’s family that has even more meaning. According to “Good Enough” and “The Quinceanera Text”, there are many similarities and differences such as the theme and character traits. One similarity between “Good Enough” and “The Quinceanera …show more content…
In “Good Enough”, Dori’s character trait is brave. After getting a fake Orion shirt, Dori goes to school and stands up to the A-group not letting the girls bring Dori down. The author wrote, “Then I blinked, and the tears stopped. Suddenly I just couldn’t believe that I of all people, would be standing in the middle of school, crying about my shirt” (Vail 14). This confirms that Dori is brave because getting something that is not the same from the A-group does not bring Dori down. Instead, Dori stays appreciative of her gift. Nevertheless, in “The Quinceanera Text”, Ana is greedy. Ana expects a phone for her birthday. When Ana does not get a phone, Ana is angry and upset during food and dancing. Later, when Ana becomes cheerful again when she gets something better that Ana’s parents could afford. On page twenty, it said, “When the last present, a flat box without a card, was placed in my hands, I knew I wouldn’t be getting what I wanted” (Fanning 20). This supports my claim because the quote shows how Ana becomes angry when Ana finds out a phone is not the last present. In conclusion, these characters have two distinguishable character

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