Similarities and Differences between Confucianism in China and Hinduism in India

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Confucianism originated in China by Confucius around the year 400 B.C.E. (…). Hinduism was brought to India by the Aryans around the year 1500 B.C.E. (…). Although these two belief systems originated at different times they still share many similarities as well as many differences. Confucianism and Hinduism are two religions that shared many similarities. Such similarities are the idea that both were used as an outline for the way one should live his/her life, they were used to teach strength in one’s relationships, they both enforced political/governmental order, and each taught key concepts/values that would lead an individual down a path of peace.
On the other hand, these two religions
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These people were such low class citizens that people believed everything these people touched became unclean or polluted. If a person of a different caste were to come in contact with, or even see, an untouchable, they believed that the individual's purity was then darkened.
Shudras were people who had jobs that people believed to be "polluted"- like agriculture or leather working. Vaishyas were the common people in Indian society, and were either merchants or trading people. Kshatriyas were warriors, generals or kings, and were believed to be the "protectors" of society. The highest people in society were the Brahmins. Brahmins were priests and people of religion in society, and were so high in the caste system that they would not even eat food that was considered to be polluted (such as meat).
These people also were not allowed to demonstrate any form of violence, and they relied on the other classes for their protection (…). Everybody in society wanted to become a Brahmin, and this possibility was made available when Hinduism was incorporated into the caste system. Hindus believed that if they were good during their life, they would be reincarnated into a higher class. They also believed the opposite, which is that if they were bad during their life, they would be reincarnated into a lower caste. This caste system was very helpful in India because all citizens believed that they would be rewarded if they were good, and so they did not act out or

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