Essay Similarities And Differences Between Buddhism And Buddhism

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Throughout the world there are thousands of religions. I’ve learned you can almost connect each religion in some way. Many of the religions are connected due to very similar moral guidelines, but they branch into their own unique religion due to very different beliefs and practices. During this second half of the semester we have been studying bhakti Hinduism, Sikhism, Sufism, and Buddhism. You can compare and contrast each of this to one another, but in this paper I will only be comparing and contrasting Sufism and Buddhism. I will begin by giving a brief description of what the Sufism and Buddhism religions are, and then I will move onto comparing and contrasting some of their worldviews and practices. Sufism is known to be the mystical dimension of the Islam religion. They believe in surrendering to God over and over again; which involves embracing each moment the content of one’s consciousness as gifts of God or, as manifestation of God. They do this with love and being in love with God. Sufi’s seek the divine while actively living in this world and don’t try to standout from anyone. They embraces their lives here on earth; seeing it as an opportunity to grow spiritually and to practice love, generosity, awareness, and non-attachment. It’s their goal to soften one another’s heart that have become hard from the pain and suffering in the world by using love, compassion, and service that is taught by devoted teachers and fellow brothers and sisters. They also seek to…

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