Similarities And Consequences Of Childhood Obesity In The United States

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Childhood obesity has become a worldwide public issue and its predominance has expanded at a disturbing rate. Obesity is defined as a condition of being overweight. It is termed as a chronic condition in children associated with shorter lifespan and complications affecting the body’s organ system. Obesity leads to many health complications due to the lack of exercise. Children who are obese have many life threatening chronic diseases in their future. The United States of America and Japan have some similarities and difference when it comes to childhood obesity. The United States and Japan have children who are obese and in critical danger of health complications and longevity. Each country has their own approach to reducing risk of obesity …show more content…
Japan is among one of the several Asian countries with obesity problems (McCurry, 2007, p.2). Unlike the United States, Japan is a country that has a lower obesity rate in urban areas and more in rural areas “(Mori, Armada, & Willcox, 2012, p. 1). Additionally, 98.3% children in Japan walk to school, which is a difference from the United States.
Meanwhile, Japan has exceptionally high rates (98.3%) of active transport to school among children in public school compared with other similar-income countries. Japan has a highly established “walking to school practice” that has been implemented since 1953. (Mori et al, 2012, p. 1)
In most Urban Schools in Japan, Japanese students walk and ride bicycles to school which is physical activity that helps to prevent obesity (Mori et al, 2012, p.1). This shows why Japan has a low prevalence of childhood obesity unlike the United States. According to Mori et al, “Such an experience could be useful for many governments worldwide that are implementing similar interventions to promote physical activity as a way to tackle childhood obesity” (Mori et al, 2012, p.
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As seen in both countries chronic disease is health complication that can greatly impact the child. Obesity is very damaging to children’s health, especially if they are not active. My siblings are in the childhood stage so I decided to write this research paper to educate myself on childhood obesity. It is important for parents to acknowledge and observe the factors in children to prevent childhood obesity. Children consume more calories than their required amount each day. The United States have more children who are obese than Japan, so it is important that parents are educated to help their children. A child should never be left to play video games, watch television, and eat unhealthy. Discontinuing a child’s unhealthy ways of living can help them live longer and become a healthy adult in the

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