Silver Water By Amy Bloom Essay

798 Words Apr 4th, 2016 4 Pages
Silver Water by Amy Bloom strives to illustrate the inadequacies within the American health-care system as well as the negative impact they have on families. The girl who the novel is centered around, Rose, is the elder of two sisters. When her and Violet, her little sister, were girls they were extremely close, and violet had deep admiration for Rose. However, during their adolescence everything changed Rose lost touch with reality, and she lost all mental stability to the point that she required various medicines and hospitalization. In an effort to help Rose the family tried numerous family counseling sessions, but in spite of their efforts nothing seemed to work, and in the end Rose dies. One of the reasons, I will argue, for this tragic conclusion is how the healthcare community treats mental illness.
Often times health care professionals get swept away in the high tides of their work and responsibilities. To the point that they forget that the ID number or case file they’re looking at is much more than that behind those numbers there 's a real person, a patient that needs saving. In Silver Water the family therapist asked the cause of Rose’s inappropriate behavior to which Violet replied “... I don’t know maybe she’s trying to get you to stop talking about her in the third person…”( Bloom 2). This quote exemplifies the disconnect between physicians and patients, and that results in a subpar experience patients. Imagine an instance where people don 't…

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