Silver Lining Playbook And Mad Love Movie Analysis

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Both movies Silver Lining Playbook and Mad Love depict Bipolar Disorder. Bipolar Disorder is defined as a mood disorder in which a person alternates between depression and the overexcited state of mania. In the movie Silver Lining Playbook, one scenario significantly portrays symptom of bipolar disorder when Patrick, who named Pat in the movie, angrily read Hemingway’s book at late night and suddenly broke the window by throwing out the book. His overactive behavior awoke his parents and neighbor. Another scenario is when he tries to destroy the bookcase in the psychotherapy clinic after listening to the wedding song. Another movie called Mad Love also depicts Bipolar Disorder. In the movie, Casey who is the main character suffers from bipolar disorder. At first, Casey manifests her mania state of Bipolar Disorder by pulling the fire alarm at school during exam period just because she is obsessed to see her boyfriend Matt. This scenario depicts her overexcited and compulsive behavior. Second scenario that shows her bipolar …show more content…
The Silver Lining Playbook discourages the use of medication treatment and suggests that love is the key to help people who suffer from bipolar disorder. The movie mainly focuses on his romantic relationship with his new dancing partner Tiffany who also suffers from mental illness. It implies that only people who suffer mental illnesses can understand and help each other. It also suggests that love and support are the only key treatments of bipolar disorder. However, this is not an accurate depiction of bipolar disorder treatment. In fact, Individuals who suffer from bipolar disorder need medication to cure their manic and depression episode. In this regard, the movie seems to be biased against medical treatment for mental disorder, which can negatively influence audiences to believe that they can deal with the condition alone rather than seeking professional

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