Silver Lining Playbook Analysis

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The movie Silver Lining Playbook directed by David O. Russell is a famous romantic comedy story, which had won eight Academy Awards. In this movie, Pat and Tiffany are two main characters and they both suffer from mental problem due to the breaking in relationships with their previous spouse. Pat is a high school teacher who caught his wife having sex with his co-worker. Then he beat and nearly kills his co-worker. After that, he was sent to psychiatric institute due to the diagnosis of bipolar disorder for eight (months, years???) according to court’s order. On the other hand, Tiffany struggle in deep depression because of the death of her husband in a car accident after four years married. Silver Lining Playbook pointed out that people with too much stressful and depress can get mental illness. Those illnesses are usually due to terrible matters which can cause worse shock in their life such as losing family member or love breaking. The film also shows the similarities and differences in the way people deal with their psychology matters that cause obsessions and follow them the rest of their life. The only way out are that they take a step to move on and forget the sadness in their past in order to live their new life without stress and depress.
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In this story, Pat and Tiffany both get bipolar disorder and depression due to the different unhappy endings in marriage with previous spouses but the love between them is the treatment and even a miracle that had helped them to stand up to forget the past in order to moving on in their life. Sometimes, life is really hard to us but with a truth love, we can actually come over it. Through the movie we can see how a person with depression and bipolar react and interact with life and people around them. They can really be rude or weird but there always are serious problems that cause the being like

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