Silk Road Diffusion

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What was life like for those who lingered on the Silk Road? The Silk Road elongated for miles going east and west through China. One might fathom about all the favorable effects of the Silk Road, but what about the opposing facts? Although the Silk Road led to cultural diffusion and other things, no one acknowledges the concepts of how dangerous it could have been for people traveling in caravans, camels, etc. through the Taklamakan desert. The Silk Road had a negative impact by people’s lives being relinquished, whether it be caused by groups of people, viruses, or transportation.
One might question how long the Silk Road is or how it even acquired its name. It is said to believe that this well known path is 4,000 miles long, beginning in the Chinese city of Chang'an and ran westward through deserts, mountains and then reaching the Mediterranean Sea ("Silk Road."). China is one the largest nations and a
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People from different areas of the world were constantly coming in and out of China. Different areas have different living conditions. When people come into China, one does not know what they transport with. Whatever the traveler carries, it can possibly deadly to the region. This route is open for anyone to voyage through for fear that diseases can be able to transmit (Choi). For instance, there was a parasite which “causes abdominal pain, diarrhea, jaundice…” and this could eventually lead to serious things, such as liver cancer (Choi). Even animals wander around and they were not as clean as humans, so who knows what is on them or what disease they could possibly be carrying. Fleas were traveling on rats crawled through (Choi). One could blame China for the profuse amount of people vanishing because of the plague (Wait For It). First, people became frail caused by measles or smallpox, but it led to worse things. It ended up killing so many virtuous people (Wait For

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