Silent Hill, Insidious, And Strong Sense Of Horror

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Every film belongs to a specific genre where the audience can choose their favorite movie depending on their taste. Genre groups different movies into one whole bundle that shares similar characteristics. Under horror, people expect the films to be insanely scary and nerve-racking due to strong sense of nervousness. Silent Hill, Insidious, and Final Destination coexist under horror, each one of the movies present terror and gore that surprises the audience. All three movies uses virtual storyline with creative setting, mentally amuses or rather mind tricks people to think differently, and end with obscurity. Horror movies generally have plots with protagonist that fight against antagonists whether it be ghosts, supernatural occurrences, or …show more content…
In Silent Hill and Insidious, both films introduce a third world where all there exists are creatures that tear people apart, manikins that possess human, or demon that consume people’s soul. When audiences are presented to dark, unsafe areas with places to explore with breathtaking music, they start to panic and their heart rates start to increase due to nervousness. Final Destination presents a different sense of horror to the audiences. Contrasting from other two movies, it creates a realism where every death can be possible in real world which makes the audience paranoid. For example, a gymnast, Ellen Wroe, is dancing on a wooden bar where a nail has been placed on because of faulty building of an instrument. She barely misses the nail from penetrating her foot but because of the camera zooming into the camera and rotating over her foot and the nail makes the audience uneasy. Instead of presenting sudden fear through pop-scare, the film decided to generate a new definition of fear of paranoia. Usually the audience has a stereotypical thought coming into the movie theater, thinking the film will be a pop-scare with a terrible plot. However, having a psychological and gory plot suggests a different style of horror. The movie stays in the audience’s mind even after the ending of the movie which

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