Silent Consequences And Possibly Lethal Lead Poisoning Essay

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Silent consequences and possibly lethal; lead poisoning is a top environmental health issue for children. Picher, Oklahoma fell victim to the devastation that can be caused by lead poisoning. Zinc and lead were major resources available in Picher making it a booming mining city. During the early 1920’s, lead exposure was not a high priority concern. Consequently, miners were dumping the waste from mining in the form of hills on the streets. When miners were digging up the lead and zinc, they were digging so close to the surface that the houses and the ground would cave in. These holes filled with contaminated lead water. When it would rain, the waste drained into the ponds and the water supply, thus contaminating the water. People were drinking the water, playing on top of the piles, and swimming in dirty ponds. Little did they know that their hometown was becoming a well-known wasteland. In 1993, 34% of the children had exceeding levels of lead in their blood levels. This means that those children were at the risk of having possible damages to their brain and their nervous system. Therefore, Picher, Oklahoma suffered a devastation from lead and is now known as a wasteland with a population of about twenty people (Saulny, 2009).
Lead poisoning is caused by inhaling or ingesting lead into the human body. Lead is a highly toxic metal that occurs naturally in the environment (OSDH, 2016). To industries lead is beneficial, but if an individual inhales or ingests…

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