Boad Character Analysis

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Nobody "Bod" Owens: Lost both of his parents to a cold-blooded killer when he was just a toddler , Bod had born into harsh conditions . A normal kid generally can't withstand these conditions but bod was raised by a graveyard : protected by a vampire , learned the language of ghouls and ghosts , learned how to disappear in the shadows at dangerous times , learned how to dreamwalk to terrorize evildoers minds and last but not least he developped a character in the graveyard . Although he couldn't understand the living society he had some intimate relationships with the living like the one he had with scarlett . Eventhough Bod easily communicates with scarlett he doesn't posses the required humanly values such as empathy to continue a relationship …show more content…
She plays a very important role in teaching Bod how to survive by explaning him how to call help in every language or telling him all kinds of beings including the supernatural ones. At first when they meet at the graveyard they don't seem to like eachother because Bod hates Miss Lupescu's authorative and bossy personality trying to teach him boring stuff but when the knowledge he learned proves usefull later. Then they become good friends and she even takes him to a baseball game.
Jack Frost and the other Jacks ( Jack of all trades ) :
Jack Frost is the main antagonist of the story , he is a member of a top-secret fraternity called "Jack of all trades" . He is also the cold-blooded killer who murdered Bod's family . Although he and his colleagues don't have any supernatural abilities they have a sharp sense of smell and can track down their victims easily . After killing Bod's family Jack Frost of all "Jacks" wants to continue his killing spree by killing the baby who survived , Bod bu at the end of the story Bod defeats and ends the society of
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İn our story there are many ghouls ( Honorable Archibald Fitzhugh , The duke of westminster , the emperor of china , the bishop of Bath and Wells ...) we see them in the story when Silas leaves Bod alone for the first time . Bod feels alone and forgotten so he decides to start a new life with ghouls but when he understands that ghouls are not trustworthy and wicked beings he misses his old home , The graveyard . Despite the gruesome adventures he had with the ghouls he learns a few usefull things like opening a ghoul gate to hell . He later uses this trick to banish the evil Jacks to

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