Significant Health Care Event Essay

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Significant Health Care Event: Affordable Care Act
Tiffany L. Boldon
University of Phoenix

Abstract The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) (ACA) or Obamacare is the most signification change the U.S. medical system since Medicare and Medicaid reform during the 1960’s. The Affordable Care Act or ACA is designed to ensure that all Americans have medical coverage. It gives those that were uninsured a means to now have health insurance, offers a more affordable coverage to those who couldn’t afford their premiums, expanded the limitations on public insurance and subsidizes private insurance coverage, and with Medicare, expanded, reorganized, and reduced cost on some additional supplemental options. Identifying the
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This is the first significant reform really since 1965 when it revolved around Medicare and Medicaid. So in over 45 years this act has been the most cumbersome to date. I agree with the Obamacare act because I have been on both sides of the fence and was able to see firsthand the difference in the type of coverage that I had available to me. My mother worked for Chrysler and with that came excellent benefits with low copays and that was all I knew until I was too old to be on her medical, was still in college and not gainfully employed. The doctors changed, the prescription cost increased and the facilities weren’t the same in quality. I then became gainfully employed and my healthcare options changed once again until I fell ill and was forced out of work and on to Medicare. I had crazy co-pays again, high prescriptions cost, no dental or vision, and I found myself stuck in the cycle of the system. The ACA gave me the option to buy into a healthcare plan that provided me with adequate healthcare, no caps on my services because of my pre-existing conditions, just about the same out of pocket expense monthly for the plan, a set rate for my prescriptions, dental and vision.
To bring it to a close the ACA was a much needed reform. Is it one without flaws? No, but I think that this is a case where the greater good outweighs the minor flaws that we have encountered. Overall this act provides the uninsured and underinsured adequate healthcare which in the long run can save

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