Significant Experiences Of A Interview With My Grandmother

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I interviewed my grandmother. My grandmother is 76 years old and she has been retired for 14 years. My grandmother and I interviewed via FaceTime due to schedule conflicts and distance. My grandmother is married and have been married for almost 38 years. During the interview, I noticed my grandmother was very happy talking about her life and accomplishments. She seemed to beam when talking about her children, grandchildren and her faith. However, there were some topics that did seem to make her a little anxious or sad, but soon she would go right back to being proud of her life.
Significant Events
When interviewing my grandmother, she had quite a few different significant events in her life. She mentioned that the first significant event in her life was having her children. She then mentioned how getting out of an abusive marriage was very important in her life. She mentioned how it led to her current husband and her happiness. My grandmother is strong in her faith. She believes finding God and giving her life to him was important time in her life. Giving her life to God led to her changing her life and marrying her current husband. The birth of her grandchildren was a precious time in her life and she is very thankful for
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I expected to hear a lot of wisdom and advice while asking her the questions. I also expected her to deflect her questions back on me, just because of our relationship. I learned more about my grandmother’s upbringing and about things she usually does not share. I allowed her to be as open with me as she wanted to, so she would not feel uncomfortable. I also had a new outlook on how she viewed the world around her and how content she was with her life. It was refreshing to see someone so content versus college students who are always changing and finding their way through life. Overall, the interview was intriguing and

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