Significant Event in Health Care Essay

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Significant Health Care Event Linda B. Conner, RN, BSN HCS/531 October 13, 2014 Dale Mueller Significant Health Care Event The health care system in the United States has been growing and changing for years and will continue to do so for years to come. The one constant in the Unite States health care system is change and evolution through evaluations of those changes. If there had not been unrest with the level and provisions of care in the early 1970s Managed Care may have never been introduced. President Nixon signed legislation in 1973 termed, Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Act of 1973. This pivotal event in the health care system allowed for a change from the fee for service model to a comprehensive range of medical or health …show more content…
(2009) This is significant to the United States health care systems history and future because it was the governments first publicized support of balancing quality care and cost effectiveness. Health care in the United States is continuing to evolve from the fee for service of the past to the Affordable Care Act people are currently experiencing. As the United States health care system continues to grow there will always be a need for an adjustment period. It takes time for individuals and communities to understand and learn how to utilize new systems. It is my belief that with adequate education regarding the current state of our health care system the consumers and providers of the system will step up and become involved in the decisions that are affecting the United States. The health care system of the United States although imperfect at best, has grown and matured. Our system would not be where it is today without the changes that occurred in our past. More change is in our future. The United States was founded on free enterprise, yet it is the free enterprise of the United States health care system that has a portion of our population in unrest. In order to correct the areas of the United States health care system that are fragmented research, evaluation and planning are needed at all levels of the system. Once there is a defined idea of what the ideal will be, there can be constructive implementations to direct the

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