Significance Of The Title The Great Gatsby

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Nick assigns the name of “The Great Gatsby” for a numeral amount of reasons to Jay Gatsby. Fitzgerald also assigns the name to the novel. There is some irony to the title, but not enough to change it. There are many reasons why the title is semi-ironic, including that he was involved in the mob life. He met a girl named Daisy and fell in love with her the in beginning but had to leave for war. Daisy then married another guy who was really wealthy, so Gatsby thought he needed to be wealthy to get Daisy. Daisy is materialistic and had to marry someone with the wealthy lifestyle. Gatsby joined the mob to go from rags to riches to impress her and win her back. He also made connections with big people, gangsters, such as Meyer Wolfsheim. Gatsby saw prohibition as an advantage and became a bootlegger. When he became one, he sold alcohol illegally over counters and made most of …show more content…
It should not be changed at all because Gatsby, himself, is a great person. Everyone in their lives will makes mistakes and some worse than others. Gatsby made a few mistakes but he believed that if it was for the one he loved, it would be worth it. Gatsby was only a nervous boy who thought he was in love with Daisy and did all these things for her. Most characters in the novel think that he is great anyway, the way he brings himself to the table with his confidence. He wins the reader and Nick by having such great optimism and a great personality. Yes, Gatsby did lie a lot but it was Daisy and Tom 's lying that led to Gatsby’s downfall as a person. The terrible irony of it all is what makes Gatsby a great figure. The title is appropriate because it is metaphorical. Gatsby is great in terms of his reputation. He is delusional and lives in his own world, but he is his own legend. If that is what makes him great, then that is how he will make himself out to

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