Essay on Significance Of The Recapitulation Is Begins At Bar 156

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The recapitulation is begins at bar 156. Measure 156 to 170 is presents the same things from P in exposition. But at bar 168, the chord changed. The original one is G (V in c minor). But there, it goes to Ab, which is the V in Db. The bar 169 is the tonic in Db and the 170 goes to Bb, which is the V in Eb major. Than, measure 171 to 173 arise a new phrase in Eb major. At the end of the bar 173, it goes to the V of C major, because after that, it’s the transition part, which is start at I in C major. Measure 174 to 181 is same as the transition in exposition. From bar 182, the chord and key starts to change, but the basic structure is same as the one in exposition. The chord in bar 182 is VI in A minor. But in the exposition, it goes to the key E minor. Bar 182 to 189 is in the key of a minor, which is the parallel minor of the ST (A major). Same as exposition, bar 180 to 195 is a caesura fill. The Secondary theme zone is start from 196 to 235.The whole structure is the same as the ST in exposition. The key for this ST is from A major. But from the second phrase, it’s return to the C major till the end of the ST. The ESC is at bar 235, which is PAC in I. The closing section is from bar 235 to 249. Bar 235 suddenly changes to c minor, but at second phrase, it goes to the key of F major. At the end of the second phrase, it backs to C major. From bar 245, it modulates to F major, and the sequence in bar 247 to 248 goes to the f minor. At the end of the closing section,…

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