Significance Of The Locarno Treaties Essay

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Essay 1:

A: According to source D it appears as if the significance of the Locarno treaties would be to normalize relations between Germany and other european powers, notably Britain and France. The Locarno conference appears to show Germany 's commitment to promote stability in the region, through a willful demilitarization of the rhineland and a seat in the League of Nations it appeared as if Germany would once again be able to participate in international affairs.
B: Source D appears to demonstrate a willingness of France, Germany and Britain to cooperate in the league of nations. However it appears as if this is not possible due to the worried expression on Austen Chamberlain 's face (who appears to be asking GOD for assistance). In addition to the expression of concern we can also see the representative of France Aristide Briand holding a boxing glove behind his back. Based on this image it appears as if Document D is contending that a true peace will not exist in europe as despite appearing to be on friendly terms with each other each european nation arms itself for war.

2.) The fundamental difference between sources B and C is that source B assets that negotiations are capable of provide an effective solution to the pesky business of war. In fact source B go so far as to say that treaties like Locarno and Geneva “gives us good means for believing that we are not now far from agreements between governments to get rid of war.” Too much the contrary we see that…

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