Significance Of The Dead Sea Scrolls, Noah 's Ark And The Tell Dan Inscription

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Critically Evaluate to what extent historical evidence supports the events in the Bible.
33% of the world 's population are Christians, making Christianity the most popular religion across the globe, followed by Islam with 20%. What all Christians have in common is their belief in Jesus Christ and, therefore, the Bible, which provides a foundation for the faith of Christians. Though for some more than the Bible is needed to maintain or even build their faith, thus the search for historical evidence begins. Extensive amounts of evidence have already been retained but the focus of this essay will be on the Dead Sea Scrolls, Noah 's Ark and the Tell Dan Inscription in order to evaluate to what extent they each support the events in the Bible.

The Dead Sea Scrolls are a collection of over 900 different texts discovered between 1946 and 1956 in eleven different caves along the West Bank. All of these caves are located within a close vicinity to the Dead Sea hence their name. The most religiously significant cave findings were those found in the caves of Qumran. These scrolls dating back to approximately 250 B.C to 65 A.D, hold 225 biblical texts including Psalms, Deuteronomy, and Genesis whilst constituting for the oldest evidence of the texts in the Bible by approximately 1000 years. A vast majority of what these biblical texts contain is not new knowledge, for these works are almost parallel to what can be found in the Old Testament. The minimal differences between the…

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