Significance Of Pearl Harbour During Wwii Essay

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World War II was a global war, a very significant point in history, which changed the world today. The war went from September 1st, 1939 to September 2nd, 1945 (HistoryNet, 2015). One major event during the war was the surprise bombing of the American Naval Base, located in Pearl Harbour, Hawaii. It was bombed on the 7th of December, 1941 and lasted for around 2 hours. Conducted by the Japanese during WWII, the attack on Pearl Harbour led to severe and influential outcomes which altered the outcome of the war, changing the world today. This essay will discuss the significance of Pearl Harbour, along with its militarily strategic positioning and the US Pacific Fleet, the main reasons why the Japanese chose to attack Pearl Harbour, and both the short and long term consequences which affected the outcome of the war and how they have influenced the world today.

Pearl Harbour, during WWII, was such a significant place because it was the base of the Pacific Fleet prior to the War. Having the fleet located here was a fairly risky decision, considering Pearl Harbour is so far away and isolated from the mainland, however, it was in such an important strategic position – it cut the distance from the Philippines, Japan and the remainder of the Pacific Islands in between (BCLP, 1999-2015). Furthermore, Pearl Harbour, being located in Hawaii, provides the US an outpost that is far out in the Pacific and serves as a means of locating incoming missiles, submarines, invasions etc. before…

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