Significance Of Human Resource Department Essay

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Significance of Human Resource Department
This report illustrates in detail the core reasons why the Human Resource Department is critical to the overall productivity of the organization. It provides clear-cut points why the organization needs to reexamine its position on the department, that is, its plan to slim the section or close it entirely. This account addresses the relevance of this segment in any corporation, provides a detailed account of three key HR activities, and demonstrates three ways HR professionals support line managers and their staff. It also provides a conclusion as well as recommendation.
General Overview of the Importance of Human Resource Department
HR section performs a variety of tasks that are essential to the success of a firm (Bach and Martin 2013, p. 17). Research from unswerving sources reveals that they are instrumental to all organizations regardless of their sizes. This sector ensures that all employees work to their utmost potential. The previously mentioned is achieved through dialogues, encouragements, and supervision among others. In other words, HR specialists ensure that all personnel comply with the organization’s mission, goals, and policies. Human resource sector is responsible in recruiting competent workers, training of staff members, and deployment of workforce. It also monitors the performance of the labor force as well as administering pay and benefits. This department studies and analyzes the performance of the business with…

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