Discuss The Relevance Of The American Dream In The Great Gatsby

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(1)The person most responsible for Gatsby’s death would have to be Tom Buchanan, husband of Daisy Buchanan, due to the fact that Tom not only feels jealous of the relationship he suspects Daisy and Gatsby have but he also lied. When they have dinner at Tom and Daisy’s house Gatsby confronts Tom about Daisy and Daisy finally confesses about her true feelings towards Tom. He even had Gatsby investigated. When Myrtle gets hit by the car that Daisy was driving, her husband goes out looking for the car that killed his give, which leads him back to Tom. Tom lies to him and accuses Gatsby of committing the crime. This lie led to Gatsby getting shot by Myrtle’s husband, George Wilson. (2A) The book is definitely relevant today. (B)Although the novel …show more content…
The one thing that they all have in common is the fact that people define it as something that makes them happy. Thus, the American dream is happiness. (B) The only person who achieves his American dream is Tom, he gets to stay with money, Daisy and his reputation remains intact. (C) Fitzgerald uses Gatsby’s initiative as the American dream. It shows us the extends people are willing to go through to achieve their goal. (D) The novel definitely condemns Gatsby’s dream because he never achieves his dream. (E) Since Gatsby’s time society has taken turn; however, the dreams the same. All people want is to be happy or obtain what makes them happy. (F) In the novel, the author implies that not many people are able to achieve the American dream, most don 't have what it takes to obtain …show more content…
(B)For one he is the cousin of Daisy and he is completely in love with the Gatsby. He may try to not be biased but he is. (C) Since we only get the opinion of Nick in the novel, we are steered towards his point of view and mostly likely will agree with the narrator since we don 't hear any body else’s side point of view. (D) He learns that he was initially correct about east egg. (E) The events don’t effect him as much as it affected the other characters; however, Nick does feel disgusted by actions of Tom. (F) Nick seems to be a believable representative of both his time period and our because he has the same mentality and moral standards that someone in this time period would.
 (8A) The East is where everyone wants to be; people from the Midwest come to the east to follow their dreams and up their status. (B) For Gatsby the East represent everything he has now opposed to what he had a couple years before. Nick scorns anything that has to do with the East, he believes the East Egg is the representation of greed along with ambition. (C)Nick was raised in the Midwest, which means that he he not used to all the drama luxuries that most of the characters in the novel are used to. He is also more conservative and kind thanks to the setting of his upbringing. (D) East Egg represent new money while the West Egg represents old money, in the middle of the two eggs is the Valley of Ashes which is poor and

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