Sigmund Freud's Seduction Theory

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My nigga Sigmund Freud was a neurologist and was known as the motherfucking father of psychoanalysis, which you know I personally think that some people may need for banning me for posting a screenshot someone else took, but ya know I feel you, gotta run the group to your liking, but anyways. He was born into some god damn Jewish family and I'm kinda glad Hitler didn't get that mother fucker because he died in 1939 and that's like three years after the Holocaust began. He went to university at 17 years old and graduated with an MD in 1881 (You know in 1881 I wouldn't be banned from a facebook group over a joke right? I mean just checking. Not complaining I swear.)

Just a year later, Frued decided to show off his mad medical skills and start
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Freud's seduction theory is a theory that perfectly described the trauma I experienced from C-Jared and reading his gross stories about molestation. He kinda abandoned this theory and made a slew of other ones that I honestly can't be fucked to try and spell off of Wikipedia (but I'm trying here.) You know what other cool shit this dude did? He told the IPA to basically go fuck themselves because he was smarter cooler and obviously he out pyschologied these fuckboys. You know what's really sad though? He got Luekemia from smoking the devil's lettuce, or er Tobacco. Some cunt lied to him and said it wasn't as serious as it was, so he had the unnecesary cosmetic procedure and almost died from that shit. They thought he was gonna like commit suicide so they didn't tell him he had cancer after that. YOOOOOO HE DID ESCPAE NAZISM. I really should've read this whole article before I started writing this essay, but nonetheless, he fled to England even though he didn't want to. He thought he was gonna be happy go lucky about it, but Hitler don't fuck around. Them antisematics basically rick rolled the fuck out of

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