Sigmund Freud's Oral Stages In My Life

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Freud's Oral stage and the result of delayed weaning can be seen in my personality. At the age of three I was finally forced to give up my bottle. My mother tells the story of how I put my bottles in the trash can to be picked up. Of course I willingly put it there as I was given a perfectly reasonable choice. “Would you like to put your ba ba in the trash now, or in five minutes?” After five minutes the bottles were in the trash and I sat on the porch waiting for the garbage collector to arrive. I waved goodbye to my bottles and that was the end of it. This late weaning from the oral stage can be seen as oral aggressive. What words are used to describe me? Sarcasm, cynical, and contemptuous would top the list. I smoked for many years, to the detriment of my dental health I chew ice on a regular basis. Oral sex is not on the list, which is seen as a common …show more content…
As an adult I enjoy doing things my own way, which sometimes leads to major issues. A socially awkward know-it-all who just happens to be right all the time is not necessarily healthy. I am not all the way to autonomy on the scale and one of the reasons could be my balance problems related to the medical problems with my ears. I did not have trouble trying things, but I was known for being clumsy. I think this is where constant encouragement helped me to overcome some deficiencies. The important event in this stage is of course toilet training. My mother had trouble with my brother so she decided to leave it up to me a little more. The “Mine can do it!” theme is evident here as well. According to the stories, which I did not want to hear in the first place, I was easy to toilet train and had very few accidents afterwards. My brother had so much trouble, that I am not sure exactly where I fall on the normal

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