Sigmund Freud 's Views On Life Satisfaction And Pleasure Essay

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Sigmund Freud in Civilization and Its Discontents attempts to answer the main question of civilization “What is the purpose of human life?”[Pg17.] and he thinks that human’s lives are the means that reflect upon civilization through a psychoanalysis approach. Freud points out, that civilization itself is the cause of our unhappiness. Human socialization and activities have led to restriction of individual activities. Freud’s biggest sources of unhappiness in the world are relations with other people in the society. Author points out, that social relations limit what we believe to be our main purpose in life-satisfaction and pleasure. According to Freud, the notion that the human psyche works trough the balance of the ego and seeks for the maximum happiness and minimal pain, this is what leads him to bring the idea of pleasure principle. Freud believes that the pleasure principle guides us as we navigate the numerous choices and different options we have in our lives in order to find something that will make us happy. According to Freud personal happiness can’t be attained without fulfilment of our sexual desires. However, there are other source of unhappiness is our bodies and the outside word. Both sources are unavoidable, because our bodies will decay and lead us to pain, while the word is uncontrolled since it is filled with unpredictable disasters. However Freud believes that despite all the sources of human’s unhappiness people have never stopped to search…

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