Sigmund Freud 's Theory Of The Self Essay

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Sigmund Freud a person with many titles under his belt focused mainly on an individual’s unconscious state of mind. Freud was a psychologist, physiologist and medical doctor. He created and lived by psychoanalysis. He believed people live the events of their unconscious on a daily basis. Carl Jung the founder of analytical psychology, which is the study of psychoanalytic and individual psyche; similarly to Freud, Jung studies mainly focuses on the unconscious. Their beliefs and ideas of what someone’s unconscious consist of overlap. In the article entitled Freud’s id and Jung’s self as aids in self-analysis the two men theories are compared specifically Jung’s theory of the self in comparison with Freud self analysis. Although Freud was well known for conducting self-analysis, he has never preformed a self-analysis on himself. Moreover, this article touches base essentially on Freud’s concepts of the ego, Id, the conscious/ unconscious, and the self. To being, the article informs us that during the state of recall you are actively using your ego (the conscious) to bring information from the id (the unconscious). Another term of recall is called mental meeting point. An example given by the author of a metal meeting point is trying to remember a dream you had last night. Ordinarily, when trying to recall a dream we remember in an orderly sequence. Most individuals remember the end of the dream first, while trying to recollect the rest of the dream. During this process the…

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