Sigmund Freud 's Theories About Anxiety Essays

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It wasn’t until the eighteenth century that modern thinkers began to realize that anxiety was an emotion (Thomson 21). Sigmund Freud had two theories about anxiety. One being if you isolate yourself or have someone stopping you from doing what you want, anxiety will be the result. The second one is that anxiety comes from fear (Thomson 3). Nineteen million Americans have some type of anxiety (Lee 4). It’s an incredibly common issue, especially among teenagers. This is more than likely the result of all the pressures that come along with being a teenager. Some of those pressures being; puberty, grades, and fitting in. Everyone has had some type of anxiety at one point in their life. It’s only when they cannot function in everyday life when they need to get help (Lee 87). Anxiety can result from many things. High amounts of drugs, caffeine, and nicotine can all cause a person to have anxiety. If the person lowers the amount of those, or stops cold turkey the anxiety will lessen or stop (Lee 35). More causes of anxiety are stress, environmental things, and it can also run in the family. If the problem is serious and not treated, depression is likely to occur. If they are around people who have problems such as being abusive or are alcoholics they have a higher risk of also having anxiety (Frey 1). Studies have shown that women are more likely to suffer from anxiety. One reason for this is that women have more estrogen than men, and estrogen messes with people’s…

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