The Idea Of Mob Mentality By Sigmund Freud

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Brayan Vasquez Research Paper

The idea of Mob Mentality by Sigmund Freud has been very significant throughout our society.People are followers, bystanders, and will follow ideas based on popularity and fear. The internet significantly lies behind the idea of Mob Mentality. Many people use the internet as a way to view information, share information and express their opinions as an individual or in groups, but unfortunately use it to corrupt, frighten,destroy and bully other individuals in different ways. Sigmund Freud’s idea of Mob Mentality is described when in a crowd, people will behave differently when in groups, than when alone. There is a bind of ways of thinking into a similar way of thinking for the individuals as a whole. To
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Some people’s encounters with cyberbullying are worse than some of the celebrities themselves. In july of 2008, Jessica Logan commits suicide after her ex-boyfriend spreads a nude picture of her throughout the internet. She was sexting her boyfriend at the time, which was used against her after their break up. Jessica was only an 18 year old senior who was popular but totally shamed when her nude pictures spread. They called her many names such as “slut” and “whore.” She tried fighting the incident, by going on her local television broadcast and explaining the entire story. But unfortunately hanged herself soon after. She tried to fight for her life, but couldn’t handle the continuous pain and suffering from social media and people she …show more content…
In this case a large population un favor by the idea of being charged to use the internet. The idea made many people outraged and caused continuous cyber-attacks throughout social media on all platforms including: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. These attacks were towards the head of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission Ajit Pai and others who followed him. Ajit Pai was insulted,hated on, and thrown with death threats. Groups like Anonymous had leaked his private information such as: phone numbers, address, and other private information to their public social media network pages. As terrifying and dangerous cyber-bullying can be, other instances of bullying can occur in a Mob Mentality manner in which can be through verbal or physical violence. Physical and verbal attacks can occur through riots that can be caused by the internet. On April of 2009, a group of protesters were formed through Twitter who came to organize a protest to verbally disagree and go against an election in which claimed to be fraudulent. Then protest marches were organized but descended into riots. Buildings, government offices and shops were looted. Many people were angry because of the election that was suspected to be

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