Sigmund Freud Contributions

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Sigmund Freud’s work and discoveries influenced scientists and people throughout the world by changing their perception on the way that they think about themselves and their lives. Freud was born in the Czech Republic or the Austro-Hungarian Empire at that time (1856) in the city of Freiberg. He was given birth by his father second wife thus having two half brothers that were older than him by two decades. At the age of four his family and him decided to move to Vienna, the city where his psychiatric journey would flourish. It was ubiquitous of his hatred of the city through his open claims on his hatred toward the city however, he continued to live his life and study there. Freud stayed and studied at the University of Vienna. He was an exemplary …show more content…
Living from 1856 to 1939, Freud introduced many auspicious theories but, created controversies as well. From graduating the University of Vienna with a degree in science, Freud decided to do his own private studies which lead to his encounter with a woman named Anna with hysteria. He developed one of his first promising theory of the power of the unconscious mind “catharsis” and the well known Freudian Slip. He also explored the power of dreams and connected it to the unconscious mind indicating that it was the strongest proof that the unconscious mind and dreams reveal your true self. As time went on with his psychoanalysis another discovery has been made called the Oedipus Complex, stating that the sexuality of a person influences their behavior to a male, female, mother,or father, even at the age of one. Though there are more theories created by Freud, he has received a contrasting view among some scientists saying his work is unscientific due to the notion of his work unable to be proven or disproven. Even so his contributions educated the society of scientists and other people leaving them to question themselves and understand how complex the unconscious mind is, power of the psyche, and the power of

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