Essay on Sigmund Freud And Charles Darwin

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Sigmund Freud and Charles Darwin brought many changes to the world of science. Darwin brought forth a paradigm shift in our way of thinking with his theory of evolution, going against the views of the bible, which at that time was viewed as concrete knowledge. Freud would make many modern advancements in the world of psychology, psychoanalysis and biology. Both of these men would controversially alter many views and theories, this in turn would therefor alter the views of human nature. Many past Philoshipers would touch on the subject of human nature including Marcus Aurelius who wondered in humans were inherently good, bad or somewhere in the middle. The new Philoshipers would come to challenge and complicate Aurelius and previous great thinkers and ideas and change everything we though we knew about human nature.
Marcus Aurelius is known as the father of Stoicism, a philosophical school of thought that that focused on “retiring within yourself”, and focusing only on matters in which you can have an impact on. All this as well as simply accepting your place in life. This would mean that Aurelius would have deep feelings about human nature, and specifically if humans are inherently good, bad, or somewhere in the middle, Aurelius clearly though that the answer to this questions was that humans lie on the bad side of human nature. In his book The Meditations, Aurelius would write “Begin each day by telling yourself: Today I shall be meeting with interference, ingratitude,…

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