Sigmund Freud And Carl Jung Essay

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Individually, Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung had extraordinarily thought-provoking perspectives on the substance of the unconscious. Freud approached the subject of the unconscious by supposing awareness existed in stratums and there existed considerations occurring beneath the surface. He possessed a pessimistic obsession with the mechanisms of the unconscious, and surmised that it was motivated by instinct and stayed in unremitting turmoil. He believed in a rational, measurable approach that was mechanistic and scientific in its nature. Similarly, Jung’s approach also believed there existed components of the unconscious but unlike Freud he remained optimistic, open-minded, and willing to embrace a spiritual, unmeasurable, integrative aspect of the unconscious. Both had proposed a method for gaining access to the unconscious through dreams and fantasies; however their approaches split on some significant explanations of the pathway to comprehend the unconscious.
The presumption of Freud in reference to the psychoanalytical mind, suggested an intellect in which division existed in three interconnected zones that he categorized as the unconscious, the preconscious, and the conscious. The preconscious was a layer between the conscious and unconscious that could be accessed easily, and the conscious was readily accessed; however the unconscious was grounded in repression, denial, and mechanisms of defense. He believed that individuals entertained considerations and outlooks that…

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