Sigmund Freud A Historic Figure Essay

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Sigmund Freud a historic figure, born on the 6 May 1856 in former Freiberg, Moravia (currently known as Pribor in the Czech Republic) was an Austrian neurologist and the founder of Psychoanalysis. The movement of his family from Leipzig to Vienna was where he settled for his education. In 1873, Freud started his study of medicine at the University of Vienna, after graduating, things took a major turn, he began working at Vienna General Hospital and teamed up with people such as Josef Breuer and Jean Charcot. After Freud 's return from Paris with Charcot, the founder of modern neurology, he pursued his own practice which he specialised in nervous and brain disorders. BBC (2014). Working along Charcot, Freud came across patients with hysteria and was fascinated by his work. Charcot 's specialisation included working with patients suffering from a huge range of unidentified physical symptoms such as paralysis, contractures and seizures, from this Charcot gathered that as some of his patients occasionally and uncontrollably followed an unusual deposition, they must 've been suffering a mode of hysteria. This type of hysteria developed from alarming past experiences, nevertheless, Charcot believed that the difficulty was not the physical effects of the negative experience but from the concept they had created of it. Webster, R (1995).

The utmost significant contribution Sigmund Freud made during the 19th century was his interpretation of the unconscious, conscious and the…

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