Sierra Leone : A Very Poor Country Essay

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Sierra leone is a very poor country but it has a large amount of diamonds and these diamond should have brought wealth to the country and its people. Instead these diamond were used to fuel a war starting in 1991 to 2001.The people during the blood diamond civil war in sierra leone were used as slave by the R.U.F to mine diamonds and were put through very poor living conditions. This is similar to Wiesel 's experiences in the holocaust in night because he was put into a work camp and was also put through poor living conditions.This is also different because the people in the blood diamond were not forced to work or killed because of their beliefs or how they looked or acted.

This war was between a rebel group called the R.U.F a group of rebels and the government of Sierra leone.The R.U.F said that they were fighting for a democracy but they would also fight and kill innocent civilians. The R.U.F used diamonds to fuel a brutal civil war they would sell the diamonds or trade them for weapons for ten years diamonds fueled the war. They would also mutilat civilians for diamonds these was a common thing for the rebels to do. Then the sierra leone government switched to a democracy former united nation official Ahmad tejan kabbah becoming the third president of Sierra leone. The R.U.F had previously said it was fighting against military rule and wanted a democracy but when a democracy had been put in the R.U.F did not quit. The R.U.F punished anyone who supported or voted for…

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