Siemens And Nestle Case Study

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The multinational company is selling their product and services for one or two countries. Also, the multinational company is managing their resources abroad or across culture to generate revenue by producing goods and services for other cultures.
This research will focus on: -
• Practice of two multinational companies such as, Siemens and Nestle.
• How companies such Siemens and Nestle sell their product to the world as foreign direct investment (FDI)
• Focus on Siemens and Nestle activities in UK.

Introduction: -
This research will discuss about practice of two multinational companies which are Siemens and Nestle.
Firstly, Siemens is a Germany corporate firm which produces electrical and electronics and it founded
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 Meeting global and local needs
Motivation within a creative environment: -
Siemens company, has a group of engineers who produce different type of products and services for people. Siemens design and manufacture a list of products which never end. The example of product are traffic lights, gas turbines, superconducting magnets in medical scanners, wind generators, automated factories and domestic appliance such as, kettles and fridges.
In the UK, Siemens generates about 40% from operation in wind energy and web hosts. Moreover, BBC website is a supported and maintained also, developed BBC iPlayer by Siemens. In 1843 the company has operated in the UK and employs more than 20000 people. Siemens employs over 427000 people across a word.
Innovation and engineering: -
Engineers use principles of scientific to develop products or systems for solving real life problems. Engineers convert an idea for developing product, services, technology or process. Career of engineering is exciting because the field periodic change. In addition, energy, ideas and passion need to become engineering at Siemens. Some other skills and abilities are requirements in across the whole
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For instance, a congestion charge scheme that uses with a London traffic monitor. Furthermore, Siemens considers as the second company of trains because, it provides major UK rail firms for example, FirstGroup.
• Siemens works as wide-range in energy sector so creates mechanisms allow system to transfer and distribute to power firms also, include building power station and wind farms. Engineering metering services such as, water meters are provided by the company for their business and consumers.
• Specialization of Siemens in equipment that design to help medical diagnosis. Moreover, equipment for testing blood in laboratories are provided by Siemens.
Meeting global and local needs: -
• Siemens is a global market business that produces electronic and electricity to the world. Siemens it headquarters in Germany and operates in foreign countries as a mentioned it in the introduction. As foreign direct investment Siemens generate 53 billion pounds as turnover and employs over 450000 people.
• Headquarters of Siemens is in Bracknell, UK.
• There are more than 100 offices and factories of Siemens in Bracknell.
• Also, the company has more than 21000 staff and 5000

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