Sidewalk Behavior

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The Lehigh Valley is home to Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, and as well as educational institutions such as Moravian College; in short, the Lehigh Valley, specifically Bethlehem, is known for its diversity. In this research paper I will focus on Moravian College, its population and their sidewalk behavior when they are walking around the campus. In this research, I anticipate that while observing men and women of similar ages, men will tend to be more distracted and focused on just one topic, while women will be walking closer to each other and talking about multiple subjects. Both men and females will follow certain social norms that they were born into without realizing it. For this observation, I hypothesize that men will most likely tend …show more content…
Previously, I hypothesized that men would most likely walk in a single group while using their cellular devices, while women would try to interact in a mixed group and be fully engaged in the conversation. I also hypothesized that for every mixed group that I would observe, men would have full control of the group and the topics they would covered. As I was observing men and women and their sidewalk behavior I was not surprised by the collected data. In this particular research, the hypotheses were supported, except that men didn’t have any engagement and they didn’t show any control as I previously expected. Instead men were constantly using an electronic device while women were the ones who kept the conversation running smoothly. Concentrating only on Moravian College and its campus, I was able to conclude that in today’s society, there is no sort of interaction between people any more; technology has taken control of what people do and say. This observation raised one question: how will men and women ever find a job with this type of interaction? The answer is, they never will. The sidewalk behavior observation made me see the world in a different way, technology has destroyed good

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