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In the recent trends of globalization where there is an obsession in developing countries to follow foot-steps of Developed and Advanced Countries, implementing their policies page-to-page, the documentary Sicko by Michael Moore is an eye opener which talks about American healthcare system. It reveals deep-rooted corruption in the system, exposing the nexus between Politicians, Health Insurance companies and pharmaceutical industry who does not really care of the people but only interested in profits.

The documentary brings forth a sparkling fact that 50 million Americans are uninsured, however Sicko is about the other Americans who are covered but have become a victim of insurance companies who uses every means possible to avoid
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She was asked never to speak of it when she was defeated. Seven years later, her silence is rewarded, as she becomes a Senator for the State of New York, a victory made possible in part by money from the health care industry. She is second only to Rick Santorum as the Senate's highest recipient of health care industry campaign donations.

 Billy Tauzin, the Republican who was very good in drama portraying that he was the only one who cared and loved his Mother, helped get the Medicare Prescription Drug Bill passed, which helps the pharmaceutical companies make more money. He left Congress and took a job as the CEO of the drug industry's main lobbying organization.

 This topic is fraught with anger and emotion, and someone needs to stick it to the ruthless corporations that deny funding for life-saving operations due to loopholes and technicalities, or that tell a man they can either sew one of his severed fingers back on for $60,000, or the other finger for $12,000.

 When an insurance company refuses to pay for a woman's ambulance ride because it wasn't pre-approved -- even though the woman was unconscious at the time and couldn't call for approval -- that's the kind of outrageous profiteering that needs to be dealt with.

 One woman was denied an operation to remove her brain tumor because the insurance company said it was

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