Sickle Cell Anemi A Disease That Affects The Shape Of Red Blood

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Sickle -cell anemia is a disease that affects the shape of red blood cells and it causes them to become a sickle shape. Sickle cell anemia was first noticed around 1670, in a tribe called Krobo in Ghana, Africa. In 1910 a physician in Chicago named James Herrick was the first person to first describe it clinically (Kiple). Since then much more information has been discovered on this disease. Such as this is a disease that people inherit from their parents if both are carriers. There are many symptoms for this disease due to it being in the blood and blood needs to flow all over the body. There is more than one way to diagnose it, which consists of checking the types of cells in the blood and molecules in the cells. It can be found in many people all over the world but mostly in areas that contain many cases of malaria. Many patients can live longer lives due to the many treatments available today. Sickle cell anemia is an interesting topic because of the many effects it has on people, and it is an underlying cause for many symptoms a person may feel when they are a carrier.
People who are affected by sickle-cell disease feel many different symptoms because they are unable to carry oxygen as well as people without the disease and the sickle cells may clump together and block blood vessels. People with sickle cell disease have less red blood cells because sickle cells only last 10-12 days, while normal red blood cells last about 120 days (Lerner). This will cause a…

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