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Rivalries Make Love
Sibling rivalries are always a big issue in any family that has more than one child. Children always want to fight for the attention of mom and dad. Parents always have a child that they pay more attention to than others. I think no parent should prefer one child over the other. Every child needs love and attention from their parents regardless of what the situation is. Even if the parents are divorced they need to still show love to them. Kids growing up without love or attention can either make them or break them. I believe sibling rivalries is the most pressing challenge parents have to face while they’re children are growing up.
I come from a family of six. Three sisters and three brothers including me. Growing up in
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When I was in the hospital I had to get a kidney biopsy. None of my so called “friends” didn’t even bother to send me a get better soon text or not even a call to see how I was doing. The only call’s and text’s I would get were from my brothers and sisters. Knowing that they actually cared would switch my mood from depressed to happy in a matter of seconds. Getting out of the hospital and going to a restaurant to see my family was probably the best feeling ever. The warm feeling I would get inside to see my family was amazing. They were worried to see that I got out healthy. They were all just happy that the biopsy was successful. I realized that I simply get well text from mom, dad, brother, and sister is the best feeling ever knowing that they care is an amazing feeling. Even after all the problems we had growing up as siblings we will always stick together as a family no matter …show more content…
I don’t ever want to have a problem with my siblings to get to the point where I stop talking to them and have my children suffer since they won’t be seeing their cousins. The love and respect I have for my siblings is huge. Especially my older sister. She took over the household when both my parents were working. She stepped up and took care of us. Helped us with homework, cooked, and made sure that we always had clean clothes. Till the day the three oldest moved out the house everything is so different. Everything she taught us we still use on a daily basis. I love my brothers and sisters don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have them in my life growing up. I wouldn’t change my family for anything in the

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