Sibling Rivalry : Family Rivalry Essays

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It is human temper to feel competitive and jealous toward sibling in childhood. According to Kight (2000), siblings have the possibility to develop unique and unusual relationships. The clashes between siblings can learn beneficial lessons in relations, listening, love, forgiveness, and resolve quarrels. From the moment when the second baby is born, sibling rivalry starts. The cause of sibling rivalry can be looked at through nature. Sibling rivalry is a nature part of growing up in families. When a new child appear at home where an older child lives, the older sibling may become jealous of the new baby and some problems occur. Maybe it happens because every child feels the fear that father and mother might love one child more. It is self-evident that sibling rivalry leads to bad relationship between kids. Therefore, the problem of sibling rivalry should be addressed more seriously that need to be solve with some solutions like ignoring conflicts between sibling by parents and giving equal attention each child. Sibling rivalry is generally expressed through competitive actions. It comes as no surprise that competition between siblings happens very often. Each child feels rivalry because he combats for parents’ attention and compares himself to their siblings. In fact that sibling 's relationship includes love and hate, play and fight. Brennan (2016, February 16) argues that “children often see in each other as rival, who is competing for a same part of limited…

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