Sibling Rivalry Among Families By Elizabeth Gale Essay

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Either Unaware or They Just Don’t Care
Elizabeth Gale
IVY Tech Community College Either Unaware or They Just Don’t Care
Sibling rivalry among families is almost unavoidable. One sibling may be smarter, prettier, more athletic, or more social than his or her brothers and sisters. As a result, one parent shows more affection, gives more attention, or allows one child to get away with more than the others. A parent’s favoritism likely stems from commonality with the child, whether it is because one child looks or acts more like that parent, reminding them of a miniature version of themselves. The favorite child grows up with a divine, invincible, superior power over the other siblings. Likewise, the favorite child equates being white in America. Whites do not have to compete for their needs to be met or for their rights to be granted. They are the majority, maintaining significant dominance and influence over other minorities, including African Americans. Because they remain oblivious to their innate white privileges in America, the supposed land of opportunity, whites fail to recognize prejudice and racial profiling impositions that hinder the black minority. Consequently, due to their selfishness, whites appear weak/inferior and unable to stand up for what is right.
Racial profiling is one of the largest hurdles that blacks continue to encounter; however, although no one ever speaks of it, whites benefit from these assumptions. As Tim Wise indicates in his…

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