Sibling Communication Essay

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December 12, 2012
Quantitative Research
Sibling Communication Did you know that about 80% of individuals that have siblings spend at least one third of their life with their sibling or siblings? (Myers, page 309) That is a significant amount of time to spend with someone. Our group wanted to research how siblings communicate and how gender or age can affect this communication. As researchers, we felt that this topic was important to study because so much of our lives are spent with another. We wanted to look at a number of different areas; first, we wanted to know if same sex sibling dyads communicated more than opposite gender siblings. We also wanted to know if siblings with at least one female in the relationship affect
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We can use this in our research to help explain why siblings may be influencing how the other acts and feels. Conflict in sibling relationships has also been explored in terms of communication. Of the major relationships children have, conflict occurs most commonly with siblings. This is thought to be related to the fact that one sibling is often trying to assert their authority over the other (usually older over younger). This conflict is believed to be more prominent during adolescence when siblings are trying to develop themselves as a person. This leads to the younger sibling trying to “rebel” against this assumed authority. (Campione-Barr, 2010, p464) This is important to our research because conflict is a large part of how siblings communicate. By exploring this aspect of communication specifically, and then relating it back to gender, we may be able to find an important correlation. There have been numerous studies that focus on how communication is affected by the number of siblings in each household. Although our studies are looking at one dyad, this information is helpful for us to reference. Because the information is present in more than one study, we can assume that these results are a trend and may assist us during our research. For example, a study performed by the Journal of Psychology found that “individuals who live with three or more siblings expect themselves to attain higher grades than those who

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