Shutter Island Theory Essay

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A Shutter of Surprise
Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio teamed up in 2006 to bring the world the organized crime masterpiece, The Departed. The film was a huge success and swept the major awards at the Oscars that year, bring home such prizes as best picture and best director. The win cemented Scorsese as the greatest living filmmaker and he finally got the respect he deserves from the Academy. DiCaprio is one of the best actors of his generation. Titanic, The Aviator, and The Departed areall the evidence needed to securely place him in the upper pantheon of great actors. Expecting a quality movie from either of these two artist is like expecting to get wet by jumping in a pool. When word first broke that the two would be teaming up
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The heavy psychological aspects of the story also effect the pacing negatively. However, the director never loses focus and keeps driving forward the characters toward a natural conclusion along the path Teddy has set for them. This is of course all true except for big twist ending. The film could have improved the way it was delivered in a more natural way in line with the tone of the film instead of going with the “got ya” M. Night Shyamalan style.
The pacing is definitely the worst part of the film. In his past works Scorsese does an excellent job with the tempo of his films. Which is all the more surprising that Shutter Island’s is just terrible. The pacing is like an extremely powerful sports car driving down a bumpy road. Just like the car all the components are there for an all time great movie. But, just like the bumpy road keeps the sports car from reaching maximum performance, the pacing of the film slows Shutter Island down from reaching greatness. The worst offender of this comes about half way through the film when all the clues seem to dry up. The story just loses all the momentum it had built previously. Luckily the film recuperates quickly from stumbles and keeps on going.
The film would be a best picture contender had Scorsese made a few simple changes. First, throw out the un-even switches between real life and dream sequence. These rough spots

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