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There are some clients who are difficult to handle. The HR department should use their abilities to satisfy all clients.
The company should develop different strategic plans in order to achieve their desired goals. [David, 2003; Huselid, 1995; Stone, 2010]
6 Developing a Human Resource Plan
AC: 2.3Develop a human resources plan for an organization

When it comes to developing plan, there two important questions that need to be included. •what type of people you need in order to run your organization and achieve your goals? What are the factors that should be designed as well as implemented in order to increase productivity of the staff? [Dunn, 2006]
There are four dimensions that should be addressed in order to answer these questions. •Culture: beliefs, managing the organization along with values. •Organization: structure, reporting line and job rules of organization •People: professionally skilled staff and qualified management team •Human Resource System: developing mechanism in which people are centre of concern to work on strategy which includes, selection of the employees, training of the staff, rewards to keep employers motivated, etc. The senior manager of the company will keep their focus on only one or more dimensions while neglecting the other dimension. When the company fails to deal with all four dimension, they end up with failure to achieve the desired goals. In order to get

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