Show Me The Money By Josh Shipp Essay

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Show Me The Money
Josh Shipp once said, “ Every kid is one caring adult away from being a success story.” Teacher’s touch more lives, arguably, than anyone else in today’s society. Anyone who has been successful in life can usually pinpoint a teacher who has encouraged him or her to be all that they were capable of being. Teaching is a unique and impactful job in many ways, but a lot goes on behind the scenes of a teacher. My dad has been a teacher for 21 years, and all my life I have been given a unique perspective that allows me to perceive the impact that teachers have on student lives, along with view the tireless effort that goes into making their careers worthwhile. I have been exposed to many aspects of teachers lives, such as: lower than average starting pay, longer than average work hours a week, having to cover expenses out of their own pocket, and being expected to take on the role of protecting students from danger. Teachers deserve more compensation for the irreplaceable impact they have on all of us.
Our teachers receive lower than average starting pay, and higher than average hours a week required to do their job. It may be thought that the amount of compensation has little or no effect on whether or not someone wants to become a teacher, however, low pay discourages people form wanting to become teachers at all. Increasing teacher compensation may bring in more qualified people to the teaching jobs. Also, the amount of work hours demanded may influence a…

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