Essay on Shouldn 't Be Nerve Racking

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This shouldn’t be nerve racking. Shouldn’t be anything, really. It wasn’t as if they didn’t spend a good eighty-five percent of their time together anyway, wasn’t as if Roy wasn’t hard pressed to remember the last time she’d spent more than a night or two at a time in her own apartment. Maybe early on when things were new and still complicated-well, more complicated anyway.Then, having her own place had been a blessing, given her refuge, given her a place to contemplate just how willing she was to allow Ollie to become so much a part of her life that, if he left, it would destroy her a second time. It was also the place where she realized she had no choice in the matter because he’d already crept in, found that niche of hear heart where there’d always been ....something for him, and had shaped it into into something new, and slightly terrifying, and impossible to stay away from. She’d almost hated him for it, hated herself for being as much to blame a he. Their lives were already complicated enough, the two of them had just barely gotten one facet of their relationship back on track and then-

Roy gave the finger inter laced with her’s a gentle squeeze. “Pretty sure we could fit my entire apartment in this living room” Actually, she was pretty sure her apartment wouldn’t fill half the room if she were being completely honest, but somehow she was convinced that would earn her yet another completely baffled look from the realtor that was currently showing them around.…

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