Shouldice Hospital Limited Essay

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1. Executive Summary
Shouldice hospital is a specialized hospital in the repair of external abdominal hernias in Canada. The hospital was established by Dr. Shouldice the founder of a new and superior surgical technique, now known as the Shouldice method, for repairing hernias which yields better medical results as well as a significantly shorter recovery time.
The Shouldice Hospital is a successful organization and admired by most of the people who had relation with it or who have heard of it. Moreover, some of the hospitals and surgeons take benefit of the Shouldice method in their advertisement although they hardly perform it perfectly. This leads the hospital to become notorious. Shouldice is operating at its "best operating level"
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This unique environment is an exclusive strength of the Shouldice hospital. The smallest details such as:
 The flooring as well as the venue steps are designed and implemented to facilitate the necessary environment for the application of the Shouldice service concept, which highly recommends patient physical activity and mobility after the operation and emphasizes the need for the patient to take care of himself.
 Recreational areas and facilities are intended to encourage the patients to socialize with their peers in order to share their experiences and fears and optimally reduce their anxieties.
 The matching of roommates based on similar backgrounds and the scheduling of their operations at the same time are examples of the effort and care exerted to create a friendly and warm environment, which is believed to lead to faster recovery and recuperation.
3.4. The Shouldice philosophy
It is also reflected in the employee relationships with each other and their bond with the Shouldice hospital. It is believed that employees must be happy and content to be able to support the warm and friendly environment necessary for the healing process.
 Employees enjoy a reasonable workload as well as an above market average basic salary in addition to the profit sharing system, which increases their feeling of belongingness and their sense of responsibility for the success of the

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