Essay on Shouldice Hospital Case Study

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1.0 Description of Situation and Identification of Problems
1.1 Service The Shouldice Hospital competitive advantage is that it only conducts external hernia operations and is specifically designed and operated to provide the highest probabilities for successful treatment with “country club like” patient service. Hernia operations typically have a 90% success rate, with Shouldice hernia operations boasting over a 99% success rate. The Shouldice competitive advantage can be summarized into:
 Surgical technique: layered/increased sutured repair technique conducted via local anesthesia
 Postoperative regimen and facility design supporting early/ongoing ambulation and socialization
 Comprehensive and “country club like” location
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Dr Shouldice is very concerned about maintaining the Shouldice reputation, this option would not enable the close monitoring required to ensure the Shouldice procedure and process. In addition other facilities are not designed to facilitate the patient environment to critical so supporting the Shouldice” experience”
• Referring to Exhibit 5, Shouldice has the capacity to perform 42 exams per afternoon and operate on 38 patients. Shouldice is currently only performing 33 operations per day. Increasing beds available then moves the bottleneck back to operating rooms, requiring addition of weekend operations (and staffing) regardless. Current beds needed does not exceed bed and hostel room capacity with weekend operations, therefore offering surgery on weekends is the most economical decision to better utilizes current resources. However, weekend operations is a concern for staff work-life balance and would need to be carefully considered.
• Improve throughput without expanding the facility or running additional days by reducing the time spent per step or by increasing the total time available by increasing workloads and/or changing schedules. Both of these options would probably detrimentally affect patient service and employee morale.

4.0 Evaluate alternatives and make decisions. Shouldice Hospital is a service model and cannot adjust “inventories” or “level load” demand. Preserving the integrity of the Shouldice name and brand is

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