Should the Mma Be Banned? Essay

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Andrew Del Genio
March 4, 2013
Should there be a ban on MMA?

MMA is banned in 4 different U.S states, and many others want it banned nationally. This is to show those people who think it should be banned that they are wrong and that this sport can bring good business to America. Many people believe this sport is very is brutal, they use words describing it such as “barbaric” and “Human Cock Fighting” when this sport is nothing like that at all. Fighters don’t even take excessive blows to the head as well, every fighter who takes part in this has been training for years, they are very skilled, and if you pay attention most of the moves the fighters execute aren’t intended for the head. With submissions this causes many fighters
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McCain still looks at this sport as if what is was a long time ago and must open his eyes to what the sport has become, all the politicians and all the people who think the MMA should be banned in America need to open their eyes to what this sport has become, it is not some street brawl or

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