Argumentative Essay: Should Zoos Be Banned?

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Today in our world, there is a rapid loss of species. It is said by experts that the natural extinction rate is higher than it should be. These zoos take in animals, and save them from this horrible position. Because zoos make it easier for us to be educated, and make it easier for animal scientists to find out crucial information, while saving animals from being extinct in the wild, zoos should not be banned.
Yes, it is true that the animals sometimes get depressed and may not get enough exercise in their enclosures, however every single day animals die out one by one and zoos are trying to prevent that from happening. They are taking these animals in and breeding them in captivity, so the species has some hope of not dying out.
One benefit of keeping zoos is that it is easier to study animals in their enclosures then it is in the wild. It is difficult to study most animals in the wild because they are usually too shy to approach, and will
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Would you learn more at your desk listening to your teacher talk about animals, or at a zoo, seeing the animals and reading the information plaques? Many people would much rather go to the zoo. As the website Statistic Brain states the total number of people who visit a zoo each year is 175 million. That is definitely a lot of people getting educated each year. As stated by Oliver Dunhill, zoo and aquarium manager “The study showed that people are positively affected by their experiences at zoos and aquariums.” This means that studies show that people really like zoos. Zoos are such a fun learning experience for people of all ages. The zoo is a perfect place to spend the day. At zoos all around the world they have volunteer programs to get the people involved in learning all about animals, and helping them too. The Oregon Zoo has tons of community, volunteer, and research programs. By keeping these zoos tons and tons of people can be educated each

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