Should Youth Violence Be Violent? Essay

2090 Words Dec 13th, 2016 9 Pages
“I am a violent man who has learned not to be violent and regrets his violence.”
― John Lennon. There is a popular argument about the influence the media has over youth. Over the course of when America first began having picture televisions in their homes the times have changed immensely, especially the love for violence. As a result, what we see has increasingly gotten more violent on our televisions and with that our children are indirectly exposed to more violence now more than ever. However, is it really the problem of the media? Is it not because the adults pay less attention to their children? Youth violence must be stopped, but maybe it is not the media being the cause of it, perhaps there has barely been any and it is the adults that have been causing the problems lately. There have been many debates on whether youth violence is a result of media influence or that adults are hiding behind children, afraid to face their own problems. I will be evaluating these two sides of this problem and coming up with a solution to achieve a better outcome.
First and foremost, the side of the debate that agrees states that media is a huge influence all over the world. What people see on the media whether it be social media or television media, they subconsciously think they want what is shown to them or they believe they should act the same way that public figures act on T.V, no matter if it is negative or not, since they look as if they have everything they could ever need. A…

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