Should Youth Football Be More Dangerous Than The National Football League?

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Most active children recklessly engage in activities where injuries can occur. Nobody can predict when or how seriously anybody will get injured during an activity, however, the risks of children playing sports like tackle football is prevalent where the dangers are imminent. The game of tackle football on a youth level is dangerous for children since they are developing physically and mentally. According to an article from The Atlantic, “America’s most dangerous football is in the peewee leagues, not the National Football League” (Barra, 2013). According to a journal article, “sports injuries account for approximately 23% of pediatric emergency department injury related visits” (Podberesky, Unsell & Anton, 2009). “Of these sports injury-related visits, football is one of the leading precipitation activities, accounting for approximately 10% of visits” (Podberesky, Unsell & Anton, 2009). In my opinion, I believe youth football is more dangerous than the National Football League since peewee players are developing physically and mentally. The impact of children getting hit repeatedly and forcibly will eventually take its toll and result in a serious injury. For example, I broke my left arm playing tag when I was 10 years old. The injury occurred when I lost my balance and fell backwards on my arm. The outcome of my injury resulted in me being in a hard cast for eight weeks, which was unbearable. In another incident, when I attended college previously, I…

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